MOS Injury Insight: Mississippi High School Football Player Neck Injury

Earlier this month a Mississippi high school football player sustained a serious neck injury during a game. Jeremiah Williams, a junior defensive back for the Delta High School football team in Greenville, MS, was injured while attempting to make a tackle on Friday November 2nd.

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We asked Dr. Daniel Park, a MOS Spine Surgery specialist, about this injury. “Football can be a dangerous sport. It’s exemplified by a tragedy we witness this weekend when a high school football player in Mississippi became paralyzed while attempting to make a tackle. Likely what happened was that there was an axial force pushing straight down onto the spine with this violent collision which resulted in two of the neck bones to be broken.”

“There are seven bones in the neck and when a high energy impact occurs it can break the bone and make the bones become dislocated.  Dislocation can result in the space for the spinal cord diminish resulting in spinal cord injury.”

CPR was performed on Williams at the scene and he was airlifted to the University Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. Sadly, Williams passed away on November 9th due to the injuries he sustained.

“If the injury is severe it can cause paralysis. Unfortunately if the fracture is closer, to the skull, all the nerves that power your diaphragm (the muscle that lets you take a breath) can be damaged making it difficult to breath and be independent like late actor Christopher Reeves” said Dr. Park.

“It is with sadness we found out this young football passed away. Although we do not know the specifics we pray for the family and friends and hope we continue to make football a safer sport for our children and continue to educate our medical community.”

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